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*TEXT*: 1 Peter 1:24-25 For,”All men are like grass,and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever.”NIV

The rate of growth of the world population demand that all Christians live for kingdom purpose for the task to be accomplish. Islam is becoming a major force to be confronted. It’s increase comes with new level of poverty and slavery else another era of darkness,God is ready to arise through us!

“Impact “is similar to the word “effect”.An average serious mind want to be noted for something why he lived.This does not come by struggling or competition.Those who does not desire to make a mark in their lifetime lack the urge that move them to seek purpose by following God to detail. Such people will definitely live a self centered life .It is a wasted life. To such ,I say after the last breath ,what will you be remembered for? It is all finished. Dust return to dust but the word lives forever.If you will yield to the instruction of the word ,you will live the ordained life and will be fulfilled you came. A decision to make early.I recommend this to be made in teenage years for those who still have the opportunity.It will save you from distraction and unnecessary worries that contribute to the shortness of life span.

Impact is the normal result of the release of God deposit in your life solving certain problems.Your purpose is the habitat for maximum expression for your giftings.If you don’t locate your habitat or you are in a wrong habitat ,you will have to struggle .No other option and you cannot do so for long.If it is your normal habitat,it becomes an hurby.When you find out your purpose,you locate your channel of impact.No matter how small it is in the beginning. Mother Theresa never knew that small urge to care for the needy will become a world wide reference.She followed the leading of God to make a difference and God the faithful ones makes the grace abound.Others may not even be able to comprehend you fully but it will be real in your heart and as you press on it will become more real.You just want contribute your quota in your generation.That is the spirit.

Not only will you do something,it will last.Your true result is the one that remain after you have gone either temporal departure or permanent.If you have the “Nafdac reg”of divine approval on what you are doing,if it is done with right motive ,by his leading ,your work will endure because that is what you were chosen for.That is quite refreshing.
Do you long to make impact? There are so many mess that await the release of God’s deposit in you as their solution. Receive your divine vision from God today in Jesus name.


Ask to show you your habitat and make it clear to you (Hab 2:1-2).

*Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah*
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