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Prophetic declaration for 2020.

Ex 13:21-22,Isaiah 60:1-5

1.It is a year of uncommon open doors.

2.Rising of new giants that will climb to the peak this decade.

3.Divine release and divine speed to fulfil divine callings

4.Year of tangibilities

5.Divine gathering

6.Constant progress

7.Divine exemption and distinction


Every divine pronouncement stands on instructions backing it up.

We have general principles and specific instructions which are selected from general kingdom principles for emphasis. At that moment,they become swords for exploits.How you handle the sword determines the exploit you command.Moses obeyed the instruction to come up to the mountain (Ex 24:2) and he ended up radiating His glory(Ex 34:3,28,29).Your body is the temple of God which must be filled with glory if built by the Lord’s word (Ex 40:34-38,Ex 23:21,22).

Here are divine instructions to take note of as we walk in the reality of his prophetic mandate .

1.Seek the Lord in study and prayer. Repair your altar(Lev 6:12). Decide the day of fasting,time of study,time of prayer,number of Christian books to read per month. The word is the precursor of glory(John 1:1-5)

2.Don’t guess,take time to be sure about his will. It is a year of divine accuracy.

3.Obey! If you are presently struggling with his purpose or his call, obey.Where he sent you; submit.Jonah will keep remaining in the belly of the fish until he surrendered.

4.Serve the Lord. Make sure you are actively busy for the Lord because there shall be distinction between those who serve him and those who do not.

Dr Akinlade

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