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*TEXT: John 3:27-29(NIV)*

_“To this John replied, “A man can receive only what is given him from heaven. You yourselves can testify that I said, ‘I am not the Christ but am sent ahead of him”_


Security is a condition of not being threatened,
especially physically,
psychologically, emotionally or financially. Purpose brings security and prevents unhealthy competition. It is the solution to envy and rivalry. This is the principle behind it. God created every one unique for a unique assignment. No one else can be you,no one can do what God has assigned you to do in the exact place,time and location. Even if it is similar, time, place and location will differentiate it. Some people are so anointed but cannot multitask and someone can do that effectively but he is not called to the fivefold ministerial offices. That highlights another principle: we need one another to survive. Work on what God has given you, when your season comes,it will be needed and you will have satisfaction of living. When the time of Joseph came, the king needed an interpreter of dreams. That made a way for him to his place of destiny. Note,that gift is not your purpose but a tool. Joseph knew his purpose which was driven by his gifting. May you not labour in vain. Many works will be burnt on the day of Judgement like those who were done just out of zeal but not in line with God’s purpose per time. Your purpose is a subset of God’s global agenda. So,when you execute it haphazardly out of ambition,competition and rivalry,you distort Heaven’s agenda. Such is a grievious offence. You prove God to be liar in some promises he has made which he prepared you to be solution to .Such is not different from the sin Saul committed by not killing the Amalekites totally. God has vowed that he will destroy them totally and Saul was an instrument to execute that but he thoughts it was at his disposal to do as he pleased,especially since there were results. Many works will not last and many will be burnt. Stop competing but rather complete and complement one another.
Another kingdom principle worthy of note is the words of men that stimulate strife, envy and competition. John was not envious but his people wanted to stimulate him into it. They gathered all those news. Beware of sycophants if you will last in God’s agenda. Not you but God at work in you.If He says you done in an area, who are you to press on.Let God administrate your gift and calling. John succeed on this point. But he also later got offended because Jesus did not come to liberate him.The benefactors of your calling do not owe you, look to God alone for your reward.


Father, honour your name in my call in the name of Jesus!

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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