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*TEXT: Roman 10:10*
_‘’For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation’’_


The subject of faith has been so much taught because it is very central in this dispensation of grace.

Grace comes by faith and works by faith (Rom 4:16).There are different dispensations -in which God related with men in a certain way- in the existence of the human race with diverse kinds of divine provision and judgement. The dispensation of grace is the best of all thes. Christ paid it all.

Faith can be possessed(Matthew 17;20) and so it can be lost.Retain faith through the knowledge of God in your spirit and don’t lose it by searching for spiritual realities through the mind or body ( feelings).Loosing faith is accompanied by a fainting heart(centre of courage) Luke 18:1. _We pray because we have faith not because we have a problem._ Your faith that God will handle the matter is what makes you pray about it.God can never do less.

A man that faints may loose his walk with God(Gal 6:9).So,to have reward of our christian labour,to keep our walk with God to the end, we must learn to keep our faith.

_Faith is not having faith in faith but having faith in God._ Knowing the person of God, His faithfulness,righteousness,mercy,love ,judgement, and that he dwells in you will birth the greatest faith. Though God elevated his word above his name but not above himself(Psalm 138:2). While he gave his names,his words to them in the old testament,he gave his name(all now embedded in Jesus),his words(Spirit word), and above all,Himself(indwelling presence).This is the greatest possession of the new testaments saints:God lives in us.It is really incredible!

Faith comes by hearing his word(Roman 10:17).Then how do we receive it?where does it land in us?with the heart(Roman 10;10).

Words received with the mind/head will not produce the right revelation that births faith. There may be some mental agreement but will not produce faith.

The heart signifies the deepest and central part of man. So,any where the heart is used,it can be either the spirit or the soul(will,intellect ,emotion).The spirit man accepts the life of God at salvation and becomes alive. He can receive and understand the things of God .

It can get revelation of the word by the holy Spirit and influence the soul.If we yield our will to the spirit,the soul is totally possessed .This will trigger the soul commitment,persuasion to carry out the act of faith. We can live in the realm of faith by persistently receiving the word of God by our spirit,yielding our will to the revelation that the spirit is bringing and commit the entirety of our being to live the word in assurance. We have the capacity to believe all of God’s counsel because he lives in us.

The body, flesh will also want to influence our response in circumstances by means of sense and reasoning(facts and senses.If we yield to the Spirit every time and not the flesh we will walk in faith.


Thank you father because I walk in faith and not by sight in Jesus name commanding kingdom exploits in Jesus name.

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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