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*TEXT: Gen 37:23(NIV)*
So when Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of his robe — the richly ornamented robe he was wearing —


Due to Joseph’s dedication to his father,he was clothed with glory.Not only to the physical father but to God also.This made him to be filled with glory within.This is the force that carried him to his destination.He guided this jealousy by not polluting his body.You create room for God to fill by your consecration. The same wasn’t the case of Samson who failed to respect his consecration.Many have wasted great callings, assignments because of
lack of consecration.It is only a call that you are separated unto that will see fulfilment.But nothing is too much to leave for the glory of God to manifest in you.

*All Jesus has procured by redemption finds expression through consecration*

Joseph prospered as a slave and became the head in a place where he has no right to talk. Glory put him in charge! The glory of God in Adam was what put him in charge on the earth.Once the glory departed ,then rebellion started among the things that Adam ought to rule over. As you discover and walk in this realm of glory, you will be in charge in your place of calling in the name of Jesus!

Joseph looked more handsome than he was because glory produces beauty! You are a lady and doing everything to get husband, stop that. Glory of God is a signal that compels favour all over heaven on earth (Luke 2:48).It was said about Jesus from birth that wise men looked for him with gifts. He was born with that glory; they could not resist the magnetic force of that glory. What you have been looking for will look for you henceforth as you settle with the glory of God!

Unfortunately, portiphar’s wife missed it. She stole his garment again! She did not know the history of Joseph.

Finally,glory settled him in his place ordained by God! This is where God is taking you to. The same cloud of the glory led the Israelites to their promise land .


I received the grace to separated and dedicated to my call.

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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