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*TEXT: Act 2:32*
_All the believers thought about everything in the same way. They did not keep any of their own things for themselves. They let all the other believers use them”_


This was a product of prayer in the midst of the apostles. There is a common saying that the family that prays together stays together.The spiritual family is much more stronger in this respect .Praying together for a common vision surely brings unity and agreement.For example,if we all intercede for the nation for a common goal,then our vision would have been united.Even personal prayers,it will show the dependency we have in God.Apart from answer to the prayer ,it bonds the heart of brethren.True love and care is a part of true revival.Large heart that forgives is a product of true encounter with God.This allows the flow of grace upon all.The great grace was upon all!

As you pray,let the Spirit renew your heart.You activate his presence and he leads you in praying ,in that way ,he will guide to receive all you need and you will be transformed into greater level of his image through his revelation in your mind.Prayer transforms,it unites and it is the outlet of the power and glory of God through the saints.


Thank you father for the power that is flowing through me in this season of great awakening. I receive the grace to seek you in prayer and the word in the name of Jesus!

Author: *Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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