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*TEXT:Act 4:31*
_”The *believers finished praying. Then, the house where they were meeting together moved about. God filled them all with his* Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit caused them to be very brave and they spoke to the people about Jesus again”_


There is a tremendous awakening of our spirits when we pray. Anyone who depends on God depends on prayer. Prayer is the life wire of saints. A hearty communication from a sincere heart is prayer. It can be in words or songs. It is in diverse kinds.Any challenge that gives you chance to pray is only an opportunity for increase.The disciples were persecuted but not silenced.Such persecution drove them to pray and a new order of spiritual strength was released.The foundation of the house was moved! Indeed, prayer can move anything.

However,praying in Christ is different from praying outside Christ.We are taking his place and act on his behalf even in prayer,it has tremendous power when saints see themselves in this light! You are speaking on his behalf and fellowship with God like he himself because as he is so we are on the earth(1 John 4:17).

This is a month to birth a new dimension of dynamo through prayer.Get set for a greater awakening!


Thank you father for the grace available for the great awakening producing a new order of grace to walk with you.Glory be God for the glory to be revealed.I receive this might to pray this month and birth all of God mind in Jesus name.

Author: *Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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