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*TEXT:Matthew 14:19*
_”Then Jesus said to the large crowd, ‘Sit down on the grass.’ Jesus received the 5 loaves of bread and two fish from his disciples. He looked up to the sky and he thanked God for the bread and the fish. Then he broke the bread into pieces. And he gave it to his disciples to give to the crowd”_


Humility does not only make you appealing to God but also gives you insight to the blessings and potentials that are locked up in little things.Those who cannot sit on that grass could have likewise despise the five loaves and two fishes.It is a matter of the heart.He could have looked at what Jesus is doing and ask himself,what will this little thing do for us? A proud man will miss God every time.Such cannot spread the gospel.When you teach the word and spread the gospel,you must come to people’s level,come into their world,view from their perspective,sympathize with them and you will be able to speak the word of season by the help of the Spirit.A proud man cannot witness kingdom increase.

Many are violating kingdom principles but want kingdom result. The way of the cross is opposite of the flesh.Are you in total submission to the will of God?Do you ask God for direction or you go your own way?is God your Lord or your lad?


I walk in the humility of Christ so that I can witness kingdom increase in me and through me in the name of Jesus.
*Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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