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*TEXT: Philemon 1:6* _That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus._


_Acknowledge_ is probably from Action-knowledge. Without action to our knowledge of the word,it is all a vain religious jangling. One Action-knowledge is accepting what the word says without doubt.
The word of God can only profit us to the degree we acknowledge it in our lives. You must come to terms with what God has said about you for you to be able to become what he said. Every word of God can change us only if we see them in our lives. If the word of God says we are healed, we have to believe and see ourselves so for it to happen. To the amount we acknowledge the word that comes to us is the same as the effectiveness we experience
Finally, simply saying Yes to all God says about you is the key to abundant living. No doubt, just accept the word hook, line and sinker and the impossible will become possible.
Lord! Fill me with the spirit of faith to acknowledge all you said about me . Amen

*Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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