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*TEXT Isaiah 60:11 Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.*


We explored the importance of an ever renewed mind in our journey. It is expedient for us to go forward to understand that our gates must be opened to receive the resources and blessing God is sending to us. If the data connection isn’t opened, messages cannot be received or sent. The same is true with our lives. For us to receive the forces of the gentiles, we must have our gates opened day and night. Our senses must be awakened day and night if we will be able to capture what God is bringing to us.We must make use of the day and the night as well in readiness for the coming blessing.

Josh6:1 explains how Jericho was strictly shot because of the children of Israel. Anyone who is expecting God’s visitation must not shot his gate. You must keep it open day and night. Keep your business opened to more investments and investors, maintain a large heart, make more friends, have less enemies.

Finally, the gates is the first to be seen in a building. It represents what is inside the house, family, business, church. The gate is like the ambassador or expression of the house. It must be made receptive for the blessings God is bringing. Our gate may mean our hearts, the channel through which things leave or enter our lives. A close heart is a close life.Prov4:23. The mouth is a gate also. We must keep it in viable and productive communication day and night for us to receive the forces of the gentiles. Keep the gate of your mouth opened in violent and consistent prayers day and night and the forces of the gentiles will be brought to you, yes, even their kings shall come to you. Amen.

Lord I receive grace to keep the gates of my heart and mouth opened in expectations of the forces of the gentiles.

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