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“And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?’’ LESSONS The word virtue here is the same as power. It was resident in Jesus and went forth from him. It did not descend from above at that moment of need but from him. This is dunamis stored in the person of Jesus .The miracle working power charged up and stored like electrical power stored in a battery. He said ‘power is gone out of me‘. This is an aspect of working in signs and wonders that every child of God must master. How did Jesus get these virtues resident in him? It should be noted that he always had long hours of prayer. Just like you connect your phone to be charged when you connect it to electric source. That power gets transferred to the phone battery and gets stored. Henceforth, the power proceeds from the battery and no longer from the electric source. It has been stored. This is the capacity the spirit of man possesses. It can store up such power which proceeds from the Spirit and this can be issued out in times of needs. This proceed as healing virtue, miracle working power etc. This is the power to make wealth when it rubs on the mind bringing innovation and ideas (Deut 8:18). It enlightens the mind to know mysteries not taught from the word. That is why great intercessors are great revivalist. That life comes from long time of charging and makes them store up to the full. With this power, they dispelled host of hell from territories and enthrone the kingdom of God. The same was the case with Moses (Ex 4:1-4), that miracle working power was deposited in him. So, any time he needed miracle, he will just bring it out except God did not allow him. Unlike the disciples who did miracle in Mathew 10 and was unable to repeat the same in Mat 17. John 14:12 commissioned us into life of endless miracle, we have access to virtue continuously as his children, we can dispel the host of the dark kingdom, we must arise! When rhema comes forth, it is virtue coming forth (Eph 6:17). Check up previous teachings on graphe, logos, and rhema.
  1. In faith: knowing the ability he has deposited in us (Phil 4:13).
  2. In prayer: (Converting the heavenly realm to earthly realm)
  3. In power: (Manifesting the dominion). Any one oppressed will be set free and will continue to set others free!
PRAYER ALERT Father, I know I have the Holy one, I know all things, I can do all things, I command this virtue to be released into me so that it can flow through me to make known your power in this generation in the name of Jesus (1 John 2:20, Phil 4:13). Author: DR AKINLADE ISAIAH
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