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21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” NIV LESSON There are many things that are not right in the time when Jesus came but he was sent specifically to put an end to the sin and his consequence over human race .He completely got it done ! For any who are in Christ,sin has no power over us again(Rom 6:14), we must know this. What we are considering is knowing how the master walked with the father and fulfill his mandate .All who follow the same path will have the same result. He was well defined from the birth what he will do, He was named after it and ran that straight course all through his life .For such , every day is discovery. For full discovery of the mystery called purpose, we need to use the principle of operation look. You might not be fortunate to be named like this by your parent but you can still start the self discovery in the Spirit and know where you belong. This is operation ’’ LOOK”
1.Look above : This is divine communion through prayer and study of the word .It is very important. Man is created to follow God. Don’t say you don’t hear, look inward in your spirit and pick those signals .Amplify through appropriate attention and get direction. Is there any prophecy spoke before you were born, you may need to ask your parents. 2.Look around: Moses was named by the circumstance of his birth .Though not prophetic but it reminds him daily of the condition of his people that he must put an end to. What problem makes so much uncomfortable and you have potential to solve? When you get on the matter , your energy suddenly come alive? You might need to look more into how to bring lasting solution to that problem. 3.Look ahead: God might have prepared you to be an answer to future problem which will be a major at your time. If you cannot locate it around ,you may look ahead. Study trends! I have a friend who said God told him to go into IT which very unpopular then but we can see today. See ahead! 4.Look behind: A man said to wipe out a generation, deny them of access to their history! If you want to know where you belong in what God has started before you came, study history! Don’t have a messianic mindset, many have come before you. Jesus studied the books of the prophets who have come before him . As you do this, may you find unending exploratory life of purpose discovery and fulfillment in Jesus name! PRAYER ALERT Father ,help me to know accurately your intention for me from this day onward in Jesus name! Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah For more info: +2348138414520(whatsapp)
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