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*TEXT:JUD 6:13*
_”But sir’, Gideon asked, ‘How can I save Israel? My family is the smallest in the tribe of Manasseh. And I am the smallest in my family”_

What did Gideon possess through which he transformed his generation?

1.There was a burning passion for change.That made him not to accept status quo.This is wealth.When people are complacent,there is nothing you can do but when men are hungry for change,it is wealth.That kind of hunger or passion is needed for necessary action.In true revival,there is hunger and passion for the real plan of God to be fulfilled.This produces genuine seekers.Paul counted all he had has trash just to gain functional and real knowledge of Christ.That is true revival!(Phil 3:8)

Gideon was passionate for righteousness and to see productivity in all areas.Science explores the mind to get solutions but a Spiritual person has a fountain of life flowing through the spirit which takes over the mind and body.This is when the cross is in place to put flesh in check. Many things we call revival are mere rattles.That is why true revival is all round.Flesh is broken and there is an overflowing life in all which will take over all!

There will be productivity beyond science!That is the revival that will make the whole world to bow. Gideon possessed it and he changed his world.You can solve all problems by the power, inspiration and anointing of the Spirit .Just more hunger, more communion and the flood gate of the Spirit will burst forth.

Thank you Father for opening the fountain of life unto me.I walk in this light daily to manifest your glory.

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah *

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