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TEXT: 1Kings 18:31: And Elijah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, unto whom the word of the LORD came, saying, Israel shall be thy name


What happened to man after the fall was loss of communion and so no personal altar.All Adam needed was being supplied by God as long as the fellowship is intact(Gen 2:18). The fields were well nourished as long as the river was flowing and consequently no lack of food and nourishment (Gen 2:10-14).This river is the Holy Ghost who is manifesting in believer who are in effective communion through their personal altar(John 7:38,Eze 47:1-10).

Adam was full of God when this communion was complete and total and no sickness or weakness.He was full of God’s wisdom ( Gen 2:20).Today,Roman 8:11 says we receive vitality when our fellowship is in faith.
What must we do to have an effective personal altar?

The stones Elijah use as the foundation are the word of God which is Jesus! (John 1:1-4).No other mystery must form the basis of our faith or communion with God but the finished work of Christ( Eph 2:6-10),John 19:30,Heb 4:3.What has done for us and making demand on it is the basis of our prayer altar.It must be by what the word is saying about Christ.Col 2:14,Gal 3:13,14.We utter this faith to bring the fire down! Jesus is that corner Stone(Dan 2:34,1Peter 2:5,8).As we are built by the word,we manifest stability in Christ like stone.

*2.HEART PREPARATION*:John 7:37.If we are not hungry to know God,hear God, experience his person and power,we cannot have a faith that birth the reality.We must be hungry.This hunger will drive us to make all sacrifices to get quality time for prayer.Matthew 13:23


The quality of time you spend in prayer and study is proportional to the measure of eternal life you can manifest on this Earth.

Father ,I receive grace for effective personal altar this month in Jesus name.

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah
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