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TEXT: ” The LORD told Abram, “You are to leave your land, your relatives, and your father’s house and go to the land that I’m going to show you”
Genesis 12:1


This is the beginning of all that Abraham became. The father of faith in him was covered until this instruction came to him. Sometimes the call of God seems too ambiguous to some who have not learned to walk with God. Call is simply his instructions to you which you received and believed. This is God calling Abraham but was simply an instruction.If he had neglected that simple instruction, he would have missed it all.
God will still keep speaking if his time has not elapsed. But you do not have all the time on this side of heaven. The more later, the more difficult and costlier to obey. You can ask those who responded late to God’s instructions for them. Abraham has learnt that habit of prompt obedience(Gen 22:3). If you will go far, start obeying your instructions early. He rose very early in the morning, gathered all it will take him to discharge the instruction except the Lamb which God promised to give(Gen 22:3).Here is a great lesson, worry not about what is not yet available, use the one you have. Obedience is a trial of your faith. Close to the mount,he left others behind and went alone. There are risks involved in obeying God but when God is the one,there is no risk again. People will not help you in taking this risk,go alone in such moment.To such will the revelation of the Jehovah Jireh be made known(Gen 22:13).If you do not learn this, provision will be a problem for your vision. You will end up using worldly and carnal methods to get fund for your God given vision.The whole thing will be all together polluted. Why not learn and be formed in the school of the Spirit. Do you really have faith in God? Follow his instruction.

Note also that Abraham said he is going yonder to worship (Gen 22:5).Your obedience is your true worship. He gave the disciples one simple instruction and that transformed them to the apostle(Matthew 4:19).”Follow me…”,Many people came around him but did not follow him.They became nothing.The destiny of the apostles were hidden in that simple phrase.May you not be distracted from what matter most in your walk with God.

Some have problem with recognising the voice of God in their spirit out of many other voices(1 Corinthian 14:8).You cannot walk with God or fulfil purpose without knowing his voice, that is your life compass.
Else, you will be stranded in the ocean of life .Nothing else will replace your personal communication with God. Study on hearing God get my teachings on that series on this.


I receive clarity of the vital instructions of God to me in Jesus name(Matthew 4:19)

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah
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